About The Instructor

Samir Hussain studied Evolutionary Biology & Cosmology at McMaster University in Canada and realized that the real answers could only be found with God and in the Islamic tradition.

In 2007 he began studying Islam in English with various preachers & scholars in Canada, eventually moving on to private, intensive study of the classical Islamic sciences scholars in Riyadh and Cairo. During his studies and after in Canada, he worked as a professional educator at both a high school and university level.

He has ijazahs to teach most of the texts he has studied with his teachers, ranging from beginner to advanced texts across different subjects in the traditional Islamic sciences.

Samir Hussain continues learning and is currently working towards researching for and writing a book in Islamic theology. Since 2017 he has been teaching Islamic Studies full-time at the high school level, and designed his own curriculum that he continues to improve.

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