Arabic Sciences Study Circle

Program Description

In this circle we will be covering Arabic science study texts in the Islamic tradition. The goal of this program is to:
- Study classical texts in Nahw, Sarf and Balāgha from a beginner all the way to an advanced level.
- Develop an appreciation for our intellectual tradition, its importance and relevance today
- Implement technical Arabic knowledge for practical use in interpreting sacred texts
- Prepare for more advanced learning and the ability to independently read and research in the tradition
- Practice Arabic and traditional text reading skills
- Grant a teaching ijāzah in the Arabic sciences to students who complete the program.

Note: This program requires the completion of light weekly assignments , especially for lower level texts. Without completion of these assignments, students will find it difficult to progress to the next level of texts.

Texts Covered:

An introduction to the study of Nahw (Arabic syntax) using my own notes and Sh. Muhiy-ul-Din Abdul-Hamid’s explanation of the text. Heavy emphasis will be given to the completion of I’rab (syntactical analysis) exercises applied onto the Qur’an.

A comprehensive introduction to Sarf (Arabic morphology) using my own notes and Imam al-Tafatazani’s explanation of the text. Depending on student level, Sarf tables may be assigned for memorization, although previous familiarity with the basics of Sarf is expected.

A simple yet thorough introduction to the subject of Balāghah (Arabic rhetoric). Exercises from Al-Balāghah al-Wādihah will be assigned in some sub-topics.

A basic study of the Mu’allaqāt al-Sab’ collection in Shi’r (poetry) will be completed. However the main emphasis will be on learning the structure of Arabic poetry for those who wish to learn how to write it.

A text dear to my heart. For reading practice text will be read in its entirety in the class by students and explained by the instructor. There will be monthly collective I’rab (syntactical analysis) practice from a page of the Qur’an.

Imam ibn Malik’s short poem on the Tasrīf of verbs.

The class will be conducted using Imam Khalid al-Azhari’s explanation of the text. There will be regular weekly assignments on I’rab (syntactical analysis) of sentences in the Arabic language – again using Qur’an.

 Alfiyyatu-ibni-Mālik will be covered with the explanation of Ibn Aqīl together with in-class I’rab (syntactial analysis) of the poem itself. Mukhtasar al-Ma’āni will be studied together with examples from the Qur’an.

Note: Depending on student level, both texts may be swapped out for Jāmi’ Durūs ul-Arabiyyah.

Summary & Fees

Course fees: $79.99/month (CAD)