Course Description

In this course we will be covering three core subjects in comprehensive but relevant detail: Islamic beliefs, basic Islamic laws & Islamic spirituality. This program is designed on my own curriculum that I made for high school students. It has been tried & tested in the classroom for ~6 years.

The goal of this program is to establish a firm foundation of Islamic learning from which a Muslim, young or adult, may attain confidence in faith, navigate faith challenges in the world they live in - online & offline, and become a source of support and service for others in understanding Islam properly.

There will be 2 essays & one exam to complete for students to attain a certificate of completion. Those who attain the certificate the program will be able to preach Islam to others on a basic level & do khutbahs etc. Students will receive note packs and class recordings to keep & review for the rest of their lives.

By the end of this course you will learn:

The course will start with key ideas and concepts that show us how scholars, classically and in the modern day, use logic, philosophy, science & sacred text to prove the truth of Islamic beliefs in God, the Qur’an and the Noble Messenger Muhammad ﷺ

In this section we will discuss the origins and how to understand & reconcile Islam with controversial ideas that Muslims are exposed to today. Key topics include: modernism, post-modern thinking, the theory of evolution (and science in general), feminism and LGBTQ+ ideas.

We will discuss the beliefs from the Qur’an & Sunnah that are required for us to be Muslims? There will be some discussion on different schools of thought within Sunni orthodoxy as well as a contrast with Shi’i beliefs.

In this section we will discuss Fiqh-ul-Ibadat i.e. Islamic Law as pertaining to acts of worship. Purification, Prayer, Fasting and Zakat will be the main topics. Important differences of opinion between scholars that feature in society will be discussed.

In this section we will discuss Fiqh-ul-Mu’amalat i.e. Islamic Law as pertaining to daily practical issues. Financial Transactions, Marriage/Divorce and Food, Drink & Clothing will be the main topics.

In this section we will briefly outline the differences within Sunni Islam in understanding Islamic spirituality. We will also compare Islamic Spirituality with current understandings of Western spirituality.

In this section we will discuss the main keys or pillars in Islamic Spirituality. These include taqwa, tawbah, the nafs,  tawakkul, suhbah, qana’ah, dhikr, du’a, sabr & others. The focus will be on breaking down these concepts using scholarly references in the subject & discussing practical ways to apply them in daily life. There will also be discussion about the importance of ‘Islamic psychology’ and mental health issues.

Summary & Fees

Course fees: $100/month – email samir@fahm.education for limited financial aid