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  1. Classes will be held weekly on Tuesdays 6PM EST. Click here to convert EST to your time zone.
  2. Please sign in to Zoom using your full name. If your name does not match the name you used to register, you will be removed from the session.
  3. The Zoom link is HERE. It may change if necessary so if you can’t get in, try checking if the link has changed.
  4. Take notes in class! Any whiteboard notes or slides will be posted here, but much information will be mentioned beyond what is on the slides.
  5. Students must be muted and have their cameras ON in class, unless asked to otherwise.
  6. Please observe Islamic adab and decorum in class with the teacher and your fellow students in Zoom sessions and on Slack. Students who do not do this will be warned, possibly dismissed from class, and if necessary removed from the course.
  7. Discussions and questions are highly encouraged! You will have opportunities to ask questions in class, but if you are unable to then use the Slack group for Q&A and discussions. If you have not received an invite please email Note that you will only have access to the course discussion group(s) for the courses you are enrolled in. Otherwise everyone has access to general discussion channels.
  8. Zoom recordings will be posted before the next class. Please attend class whenever possible and do not rely on the recordings except for review.
  9. Although sharing knowledge and understanding obtained from courses with Fahm Islamic Education is highly encouraged, sharing zoom recordings and course materials outside of the student body will result in removal from the course.
  10. Any quizzes, assignments or tests will be marked over a 7-14 day period depending on the number of students.
  11. If you have questions or require support please email me at

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